I had organized a one-day workshop based on my book i want 2 do project. tell me wat 2 do at reserved-bit, Pune on Saturday, June 3, 2017. Thanks to Nisha Poyarekar and Siddhesh Poyarekar for providing their makerspace as venue for the workshop.

Workshop in progress

The objective of the workshop is to share the methodology and best practices on working with Free and Open Source Software projects, and also to guide the participants on career options. Although there is plenty of free documentation (including my own) available on the subject, some people prefer a formal, systematic approach to learning in a private coaching environment. Hence, this workshop is tailored for the same and is made a paid workshop, similar to personal tutoring.

The book has been in circulation for many years. So, I had to give two options - pay only for the workshop, or pay for both the workshop and the book (if they have not already bought the book). I have also kept additional copies of my book at the reserved-bit makerspace if people are interested. I had covered the following topics:

  1. Careers with F/OSS
  2. “i want 2 do project. tell me wat 2 do” best practices
  3. Introduction to Git
  4. Hands-on problem solving exercises
  5. Real-world project example
  6. Goal-driven development

The feedback has been positive and I am sharing the same below:

Feedback 1
Feedback 2
Feedback 3
Feedback 4
Feedback 5

If you are interested in attending such a workshop, do write to me: author at shakthimaan dot com.